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[ruby-core:116460] [Ruby master Bug#20218] aset/masgn/op_asgn with keyword arguments
by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans)
1 hour, 31 minutes

[ruby-core:115923] [Ruby master Bug#20094] Inline while loop behavior changed unexpectedly in 3.3.0
by sisyphus_cg (Sisyphus CG)
11 hours, 42 minutes

[ruby-core:117200] [Ruby master Bug#20342] Top level `public`, `private` and `ruby2_keywords` do not work in wrapped load
by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)
17 hours, 55 minutes

[ruby-core:116960] [Ruby master Bug#20305] commit 1d2d25dcadda0764f303183ac091d0c87b432566 breaks grapheme_clusters
by fablestales (Fable Tales)
17 hours, 57 minutes

[ruby-core:117321] [Ruby master Bug#20393] `after_fork_ruby` clears all pending interrupts for both parent and child process.
by ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
21 hours, 45 minutes

[ruby-core:116901] [Ruby master Bug#20289] Bug in Zlib::GzipReader#eof? breaks reading certain sizes of gzipped files.
by martinemde (Martin Emde)
22 hours, 1 minute

[ruby-core:117047] [Ruby master Bug#20324] `(1..).overlap?('foo'..)` returns true
by kyanagi (Kouhei Yanagita)
22 hours, 22 minutes

[ruby-core:117037] [Ruby master Bug#20322] rb_enc_interned_str_cstr doesn't accept null pointer for encoding
by thomasmarshall (Thomas Marshall)
22 hours, 28 minutes

[ruby-core:116950] [Ruby master Bug#20304] Memory leak when setting Encoding.default_internal
by MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)
22 hours, 34 minutes

[ruby-core:116930] [Ruby master Bug#20296] Complex(:sym, exception: false) generate exception with weird timing
by MaxLap (Maxime Lapointe)
22 hours, 37 minutes
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