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[ruby-core:116460] [Ruby master Bug#20218] aset/masgn/op_asgn with keyword arguments
by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans)
46 minutes

[ruby-core:115923] [Ruby master Bug#20094] Inline while loop behavior changed unexpectedly in 3.3.0
by sisyphus_cg (Sisyphus CG)
10 hours, 57 minutes

[ruby-core:117674] [Ruby master Bug#20450] Ruby 3.1.1 broken with bootsnap
by (Philippe Noel)
10 hours, 59 minutes

[ruby-core:117660] [Ruby master Bug#20449] Ripper issue in field production on Ruby 3.1.5
by kddnewton (Kevin Newton)
14 hours, 30 minutes

[ruby-core:117531] [Ruby master Bug#20431] Ruby 3.3.0 build fail with make: *** [io_buffer.o] Error 1
by shubham_yadav (Shubham Yadav)
16 hours, 1 minute

[ruby-core:117697] [Ruby master Bug#20453] Pointer being freed was not allocated in Regexp timeout
by dodecadaniel (Daniel Colson)
16 hours, 38 minutes

[ruby-core:117652] [Ruby master Bug#20445] Backport 2571d5376a38c333b8fe85f1f9b2f9c2422c0ad9 to ruby_3_3
by mame (Yusuke Endoh)
17 hours, 1 minute

[ruby-core:117458] [Ruby master Bug#20414] `Fiber#raise` should recurse to `resumed_fiber` rather than failing.
by ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
17 hours, 4 minutes

[ruby-core:117510] [Ruby master Bug#20427] Heap buffer overflow in `Array#sort!` when block modifies target array
by (Zack Deveau)
17 hours, 7 minutes

[ruby-core:117453] [Ruby master Bug#20413] Enumerator can block fiber scheduler.
by ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
17 hours, 9 minutes
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